Elm Branch Christian Church

Welcome to the Elm Branch Christian Church Missions page! Here you'll learn what missions we support, a little about each one, and if they have a web site, you'll find a link here, too.

Al Sulzner Memorial Scholarship

The Al Sulzner Memorial Scholarship is a small but growing fund set up within our church to help full time Christian college students.

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American Rehabilitation Ministries

ARM Prison Outreach is an arm of the church to help fulfill the biblical mandate of Jesus, "I was in prison and you came to visit me," Matt 25:36, NIV. Our specialized programs are designed to proclaim the love and message of Jesus to the incarcerated, help lead them into a saving and personal relationship with the Savior, build them up in the faith, and equip them for a lifetime of faithful service in the Lord’s Kingdom.

Central India Christian Mission

Central India Christian Mission was established in December 1982 by Ajai and Indu Lall. Their dream was to establish a mission center to reach people for Christ on the basis of the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ. The primary task of the mission is Evangelism and Church planting with Leadership training. It is the need of the hour to train the native leaders in India as much as possible.

Christian Campus House

We're a group of people who feel that friends are important. Much of our life on campus is shaped by our friends: Friends who like you for who you are; friends to laugh with; friends to cry with; friends to lean on when the going gets tough.
Christian Campus House is a community of students who feel friendship is extremely important. We have groups of 6-10 people (which we call family groups) that meet on different days of the week to talk about student issues and to encourage each other. We also have praise, worship, Bible studies, and fellowship every Sunday and Tuesday during the school year. Just stop by the Plaster Student Union and join us!
Nearly every weekend we've got something going on for you and your friends to share in together. Our ministers, Dave, Chris, Jennifer and Christy, want to be your friends as well. They're there to talk to you when you need some help; just call or come by the office.
"Christian Campus House seeks to provide a caring fellowship where college age people can find and expand their relationship with God and learn to be doers of the Word."

Cookson Hills Christian Ministries

We, a ministry of independent Christian Churches and Churches of Christ, supported by charitable gifts from those churches, individuals, and other organizations, seek to honor Jesus Christ in our ministry to children and families by helping them become and develop as His disciples. We are committed to excellence in providing a Christian environment for children in our care while out of their own homes. We strive to develop healthy child-family relationships, to provide an education that is Christ-centered, and to train and encourage children and their families to live according to the scriptures.

Eden Children's Village

We are totally committed to improving the lives of AIDS orphans in Zimbabwe. We will do everything we can for as many children as possible. We are committed to placing them in Christian homes, making sure they have nutritious meals, good medical care, adequate clothing, and an education. Your sponsorship allows us to take in another orphan and provide a loving home for them, a place where the focus is no longer survival, but enjoying the fun of being a child.

Good News Productions International

Working with Christians to develop culturally-relevant strategies and resources to effectively proclaim the gospel of Christ to the peoples of the world.

Haitian Christian Mission

Haitian Christian Mission is a non-denominational Christian mission founded in 1974 under the leadership of Etienne and Betty Prophete. Len Clevenger was involved with the mission from incorporation and remains quite involved today as Chairman of the Board. It is designed to build up the whole person; body, mind and spirit. Its focus is the salvation of the individual either by corporate worship, personal relationship with the Lord, lifestyle or mass evangelism. To this end, social work is emphasized. It has grown today into a major mission, saving lives and raising the standard of living for many.

Maranatha Bible Camp

"The mission of Maranatha Bible Camp is to challenge people, especially children and teens, to get to know Jesus Christ and to mature in Him. Knowing and growing in Christ comes through accurate study and application of God's written Word and through the living examples of committed Christ-like mentors and teachers. MBC hopes to accomplish this mission by providing outstanding summer camp programs and year round retreats to help people to focus on the Lord and His Word."

Ozark Christian College

The ultimate mission of Ozark Christian College is to glorify God by seeking the evangelization of the lost and the edification of Christians worldwide. The immediate mission of Ozark Christian College is to train men and women for Christian service through an undergraduate Bible college education.

Rapha House
*Formerly House of Hope*

The Church's Response to an International Problem: Child Prostitution

American Rehabilitation Ministries ' Rapha House is dedicated to saving these young girls from the suffering of prostitution. (Rapha means "God's healing" or literally "I heal".)

Tri-County Pregnancy Resource Center

"Freedom. Power. Choice. These three things are what every woman desires. You deserve to have the freedom to make your own decision regarding your pregnancy. Our goal is to empower you by providing reliable information about every option available, so you can make the best decision for you."

(A ministry we support for their biblical world view and because they empower women to choose life, rather than abortion.)